Friday, June 21, 2019

#MyanmarInsider: Your Myanmar Guide with Knowledge of People who have been there

#Myanmarinsider is a blog guide for individual travellers to the well known and hidden treasures of Myanmar with Google Maps. You discover Myanmars cities, countries and beaches through the eyes of people, who have been there. This blog collects their voices from blogs and travel-related forums and their pictures from many sources.

Your Guide to the Treasures of Yangon

Yangon Google Map by #MyanmarInsider

The Yangon Heritage Walking Tour: See old Rangoon, before too much is lost
Shwedagon Pagoda Impressions
Yangon Hotel Picks
Yangon Restaurant Picks
Chinatown in Yangon: Temples and a Nightmarket full of flavours
Myanmars ex Spy Chief opens an Art Gallery
From Yangon a Sunset Cruise or by ferry to Twante

Your Guide to the Treasures of Bagan

See the locations on Bagan Temples and Hotels Google Map by #MyanmarInsider

Bagan Impressions: Temples, Pagodas, Stupas and Ruins as far as your eyes are reaching
Where to sleep in Bagan
Mouthwatering Food in Bagan: Reviews of restaurants
Strolling in the streets of Bagan

Your Guide to the Treasures of Mandalay

See the locations on Mandalay Temples and Hotels Google Map by #MyanmarInsider

Mandalay Impressions: Between Pilgrims to a very holy Buddha Image and the unholy Chinese Hunger for Jade
Mandalay Hotel Picks: Reviews by guests
Mandalay Restaurant Picks
Get around in Mandalay by Taxi
Amarapura - the City of Immortality and U Bein Bridge: A day trip from Mandalay
River Cruises from Mandalay to Bagan and Mingun
From Mandalay by train to Gokteik and one of the longest viaducts of the world across a canyon

Treasures around Inle Lake

See the locations on Inle Lake and Nyaung Shwe Google Map by #MyanmarInsider

Inle Lake - where People live on the Water and where Shadows of Pollution are growing
Hotels and Resorts around Inle Lake and in Nyaung Shwe - and Reviews by Guests
Nyaung Shwe Restaurant Picks
Wine tasting around Inle lake

Pindaya Caves - a fascinating Pilgrimage Site with a Giant Spider
See the locations on Pindaya Google Map by #MyanmarInsider

Kalaw - the former British Colonial Town and the Colours of the Shan Hills
See the locations on Kalaw Google Map

Kekku: Thousands of Stupas around a Pagoda - a Magical Place
See the locations on Kekku Pagoda Google Map

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