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Mandalay Restaurant Picks

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Cuisine from the Shan State is popular in Mandalay. So you could try fermented pastes, vegetables, and meats. Chinese kitchen - for example roasted duck - is popular as well. Then Mandalay is known for Muslim Chinese noodles (thin noodles mixed with spices, chili and chicken). Finally there ist the local dessert Htou moun, which is sold exclusively in Mandalay. It contains a lot of oil and is extremely sweet.

Restaurants in Mandalay:

A Litte Bit of Mandalay: 28th street between 52nd and 53rd streets. The restaurant has been born in 2002. The new restaurant location is outside the center in a nearly rural area. And there is now a hotel, which offers 24 twin rooms. The restaurant serves food in Myanmar and Chinese style (curries, fried chicken with honey, vegetables...) and the Aythaya and Red Mountain wines, produced near Inle Lake, in an excellent quality according to reviews on "For those who wish to try Burmese traditional cuisines, but do not prefer strong tasting, oily, salty and spicy fare, A Little Bit of Mandalay is a good choice", writes On Facebook. Proprietor Min Aung on Facebook.

Aye Myit Tar: No 530 81th Street, between 36th and 37th street. Burmese, catering to locals. You go to the food counter and point what you like. Very good reviews on See food picture by eatlivetravelwrite.

Picture by bamar_bad_ass
Chicken curry

Bistro at 82nd: 82nd Street, between 30 and 31streets. A place for Western meals like steak, fish, pasta and salad with very good coffee. Very good reviews on Read about Swiss Renato Buhlmann, who is behind this restaurant. Read also review by Myanmar Times.

Picture by Bistro at 82nd
Grilled fillet of Bay of Bengal barracuda on a chorizo flavored butterbean stew topped with guacamole.

Bistro Mandalay: No. 83 74th street, between 26th and 37th street. Local and international food like pizza and burger. Good coffee and milkshakes. Mixed reviews on

Café City: 66th Street/East Moat Road. Western food as burgers and fries, fish and chips, but also rice and noodle dishes. "Most dishes are accompanied by a generous collection of steamed veggies and crusty garlic bread, with a plate of yellow watermelon served afterwards", writes Very good reviews on

Central Park Mandalay: 27th street between 68th and 69th, next to Mya Mandalar Hotel. Western food like Hamburger or pizza. Run by Wilbur Hong, a Myanmar national who has spent much of his life abroad.

Daung Lann Gyi: 68th Street, between 33 and 34 streets. Opened in January 2014. Myanmar food. Specializes on curries, snacks and salads (tomato, ginger, India trumpet blossom, tofu salads...) with rice and beans and fruit juices. Pwe taw sar (a king’s lunch) is the main offering. "It comes with small wood cups filled with roasted dried muttons, baked and dried fish, small fried fish, fried prawns, vegetable soup, fried beans and pounded sour fruit paste. Another six cups offered different vegetable salads and a big bowl of rice", describes Myanmar Times. Very good reviews on

Picture by Daung Lann Gyi

Green Elephant Restaurant: 3 Block 801, 27th Street between 64th and 65th Street. Burmese and Chinese dishes. Mostly good reviews on See food picture by

Picture by isriya
Dish at the Green Elephant Restaurant

Hunter's Cafe & Bar: No. 167 27th Street, between 80th and 81st streets. Pub style, run by Australian Thomas Linton. Watch rugby, football and listen to english music. Western food as Pizza and burgers, pancakes, omelets, pork ribs, toasted sandwiches; beer and good coffee. Crowded on Satuarday and Sunday nights according to reviews on Read more on "If you find yourself in Mandalay in need of an oasis, you can do a lot worse than stopping by Hunter’s", comments Jeremy Mullins.

Ko's Kitchen Thai Restaurant: No. 282, Corner of 19th and 80th Street. Good Northern Thai food. Pay in Kyat, otherways you pay too much according to reviews on

Lashio Lay: No. 65 23th Street, between 83th and 84th streets. Shan traditional food. "Delicacies include shan tohu (chickpea-flour tofu fritters), wet tha chin (minced pork in rice) and papaya salad, with an emphasis throughout on sesame, peanut and garlic flavours", writes Gourmet Guide to Burma. Not the cleanest restaurant but good, according to reviewers on "By far the best restaurant in Mandalay" for And garlic never sleeps is always here.

Picture by Alan Cordova
The Shan food counter at Lashio Lay

Mann Restaurant: 83rd Street between 25th and 26th Streets. A Chinese restaurant, frequented by locals, but not so much by foreigners. Mixed reviews on See picture by sensaos and Jill4675.

Marie Min: Down an alley of 27th Street, first floor, between 74th and 75th Street. Vegetarian Indian food. Very good reviews on "Burmese, Indian, and western dishes pack the vegetarian menu here, so there's something for everyone", writes See pictures on and on

Picture by marhas

Pann Cherry: 25th Street between 82th and 83th Streets. Indian Food. "Tasty" say reviews on

Pakokku Daw Lay May: 73th Street, between 28th and 27th Streets, opposite Silver Cloud Hotel. Myanmar kitchen. "Ordering one main dish here is enough - I counted 11 side dishes in addition to the two mains of lung and liver curry, and that didn’t include the large helping of mango slices at the end of the meal", writes See pictures on Tun Tun's Photo Diary.

Rainforest: Down an alley off 27th street, between 74th and 75th Street. Thai. Very good reviews on

Spice Garden: No.417, corner of 63th Street and 22th Street. Indian. The restaurant is part of the Hotel by the Red Canal. Good reviews on

Super 81: No 582 81th Street, between 38th and 39th Street. Chinese restaurant, also Thai and Burmese barbecue dishes. Enjoy meals at the roof top deck. Very good reviews on "There are a dozen variations of steamed duck alone, along with excellent squid and sea bass", notes Gourmet Guide to Burma. "The menu kind of covers all of Asia and the list is seemingly endless; Grilled Duck Brunei Curry, Taiwan Styled Fish Roll, Singapore Style Fried Grilled Duck Konbong, I could spend a night reading the menu, dreaming of the foods which might be dropped in front of me", writes Live less ordinary.

Picture by Super 81

The Golden Duck: Strand Road, Corner of 80th and 16th streets. Chinese food. "Go straight for the duck" recommends one reviewer on Very good reviews there. "The duck served up at this multi-storey restaurant is so good it should be illegal", writes Picture of roasted duck by

Too Too: 27th Street, between 74th and 75th streets. Burmese. Just eat like the locals, quite good reviews on

Yunnan II: 26th Street, between 64th abd 65th Street. Good for Barbecue, say reviews on

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