Monday, February 15, 2021

Protests against Military Coup in Myanmar on February 15

Demonstrators protected the NLD headquarter in Yangon

Soldiers and police blocked off the headquarters of the National League for Democracy in Yangon this afternoon and demanded to search the building. There were at least 16 party members inside, and they refused to let them enter. Hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the police’s blockade and prevented more police and military vehicles from entering the area. The police and soldiers left without entering the building.

See the locations of protests in Myanmar on Google Map and read news on the map

Civil disobedience movement blocks administration

A significant aspect of ongoing protests against the military rule is the refusal of civil servants to go to work. This Civil Disobedience Movement has largely shut down the entire bureaucracy. On Monday staff from Ministry of Electric Power in Yangon has demonstrated.

Naypyitaw: Police released protesters

Police in the afternoon have released at least 24 high school and university students who were among 40 detained in the morning in the capital Naypyitaw during a protest against the military regime.

Brutal crackdown on protesters in Mandalay

Demonstrators were calling on Myanma Economic Bank staff to join the civil disobedience. At about 4pm soldiers and police fired steel balls from air guns and used slingshots.

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