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Hotels and Resorts around Inle Lake and in Nyaung Shwe - and Reviews by Guests

See the locations on Inle Lake and Nyaung Shwe Hotels and Guesthouses Google Map

You have the choice between hotels and guesthouses in Nyaung Shwe town or resorts around the lake. The lake tours start at a canal, that leads from Nyaung Shwe to Inle lake. But the resorts around the lake also offer tours.
Indicated prices: For two persons.

Hotels and Resorts around Inle Lake

Picture by marhas
Have a seat at the lake side bar at Inle Resort&Spa

Amata Garden Resort Inle: From 200 USD. 44 Ingyingone Village. 60 rooms in a 3-storey building, opened October 2013. The garden is still growing. Near a construction zone. Disappointed reviews on

Aureum Palace Hotel: By the lake with villas on stilts. Large pool. Be careful with the locker in your room, one guest on reports a money theft from the locker. But many recommend it very much.

Picture by Aureum Palace Hotel

Golden Island Cottages Hotel Thale-U: A Pa-Oh tribe owned and run hotel.

Golden Island Cottages Hotel Nampan: All bungalows with lake views, are built of bamboo. Very good reviews on During the day you hear the noise of the boats if you have a waterfront room.

Picture by Golden Island Cottages

Hu Pin Inle Khaung Daing Hotel:

Picture by travfotos

Picture by travfotos

Picture by travfotos
Dining room

Inle Resort & Spa: From 90 USD. 14 "Royal Villas" with lake-front view, wooden bungalows of 80 sq/m. 18 "Deluxe Villas" with direct view to a natural pond, wooden bungalows of 80 sq/m. 22 "Garden Cottages" of 40 sq/m with a view on a natural pond. Amazing lush garden with ponds. Exzellent kitchen. Possibilities to walk or rent bikes. Very good reviews on

Picture by marhas

Picture by marhas

Picture by marhas
Garden Cottage at Inle Resort&Spa

Picture by marhas
Villa at Inle Resort&Spa

Picture by marhas
Amazing garden at Inle Resort&Spa

Picture by marhas

Picture by marhas
Restaurant terrasse

Picture by marhas

Picture by marhas
Sunset seen from Inle Resort&Spa

Inle Princess Resort: Tucked on a hyacinth-dappled pond, there are 46 chalets, each with teak furnishings and bamboo roofs. "Shan and Intha silk textures and ceramics add splashes of colour; clay-oven-inspired fireplaces pump up the heat on chilly evenings and fun rowboat-shaped baths bring the outdoors in. Twitchers will love the binoculars and books on indigenous birds in teh rooms", describes Condé Nast Traveller. The hotel ist owned by U Ohn Maung, an ethnic Shan and former political prisoner acording to Mick Jagger and Cliff Richard have been seen here lately.

Picture by Allan Grey

Myanmar Traeasure Resort Inle: Kyant Poh Nge Village. Phone +95 81 209312481. From 299 USD. Maing Thauk Village. Rooms on stilts. No heating or air conditioning in the rooms, but staff brings hot water bags for the beds, if its cold. You can rent bikes and cycle out to the village. Very good reviews on

Picture by marhas

Picture by isriya

Picture by isriya

Orchid Inn:Thar Lay Village, A teak building on the waterfront by the Phaung Daw O Pagoda with ten simple rooms (no air condition, thin walls), four rooms with a balcony. A bridge over the canal is outside the door. No breakfast at the guesthouse, but restaurants next door and over the bridge. Some guests feel disturbed by the monk chanting from 4 to 5 o'clock in the morning from the pagoda, others appreciate this unique experience. From early morning on you hear the motors of the canal boats. Electricity supply stopps many times during the day according to guest reviews on No air condition. Mixed reviews on

Paradise Inle Resort:

Picture by tian yake

Paramount Inle Resort: Nga Phe Chaung Village. Phone +95 81 209477. Built on stilts, with observation tower. Boat noise can be an issue. Far from any other than the resort restaurant. No heating. Read a review and see pictures by Bontaks Travels. Good reviews on See the facebook page of Paramount Inle Resort.

Picture by marhas

Picture by marhas

Picture by travfotos

Pristine Lotus Spa Resort: From 200 USD. Not at the lake side but in lush gardens. 40 villas withh 100 square meters, 1 suite with 150 square meters and spa. Very good reviews on

Picture by Pristine Lotus Spa Resort

Shwe Inn Tha Floating Resort: From 170 USD. 40 rooms on the Inle lake. Swimming pool. Be aware that there is noise from the boats after 5 am. Very good reviews on See also

Picture by marhas

Picture by marhas

Picture by Pascal

The Serenity Inle Resort: Oak Taw Village. Phone +95 81 209206. Villas on stilts and bungalows onshore. Only a few reviews on

Villa Inle Resort & Spa: From 240 USD. 10 lake front villas and 6 lake side villas, each 100 square meters. See also Behind the resort you can hike up to a monastery. Excellent reviews on

Picture by Villa Inle Resort

Hotels and Guesthouses in Nyaung Shwe

Hotel Amazing Nyaung Shwe: From 80 USD. 91 Yone Gyi Street. Phone +95 81 209079. Very good reviews on See Facebook Homepage.

Picture by mikecogh

Aquarius Inn: 2 Phaung Taw Pyan Street. Phone +95 81 209352. Good reviews on See picture by andrestgt.

Aung Mingalar Hotel: Four blocks from the market. Phone +95 81 209339. Rooms are situated in semi-bungalows, some in a building looking like an old temple (picture1 by Hubert Dewald and picture 2), surrounding a green garden. Quite good reviews on

Gipsy Inn: 82 Strand Road. Phone +95 81 209144. Noisy because near the boats starting for Inle Lake, say some reviews on See pictures on

Picture by artist in doing nothing

Golden Empress Hotel: 19 Phaung Taw Pyan Road. Phone +95 81 209 037. One Single, two Double, nine Twin Rooms and one Family Room (4 persons). Bicycles can be rented. Very good reviews on, on and on This World Rocks. The second floor balconies are a perfect seat to watch the procession of Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival, as Lisa Niver Rajna describes. See picture by Sim-Card.

Picture by Golden Empress

Hu Pin Hotel Nyaung Shwe: No. 66, Kan Thar Quarter. Average hotel with small rooms and noisy aircon, according to reviews on See video by Nan Ekari Lin.

Inle Star Motel: From 60 USD. 49, Canal Road. If you don't mind the noise from the boats. Quite good reviews on See Facebook Page of Inle Star Motel.

Picture by marhas

Inle Inn: Maha Bandoola Road. See picture in Basic with thin walls according to reviews on

La Maison Birmane: Say Yone Road. Bungalows with a little terrace and a beautiful garden, designed by a French architect. In a quiet backstreet. Very good reviews on

Picture by La Maison Birmane

Picture by La Maison Birmane
Terrasse of Bungalow

Lucky Bright Hotel: From 25 USD. 53, Phaung Daw Side Road. Average guesthouse with friendly owners according to reviews on See pictures on

Manaw Thu Kha: Phone +91 81 209230. Quite good reviews on

May Haw Nann Resort: From 56 USD. Aye Thar Yar-Nyaung Shwe Road. Phone +95 81 209414. At the edge of the town, 20 minutes to walk to Nyaung Shwe. Bungalows contructed from a mixture of bricks, bamboo and palm leaves. bicycles available free of charge. The rooms have no aircon or fan. Mixed reviews on Available on

Picture by May Haw Nann
Garden cottage

Nanda Wun Hotel: 81 Yone Gyi Road. Phone +95 81 209211. A run down hotel, basic rooms, noisy towards the street side accordning to reviews on

Naung Kham Guesthouse: Phaung Taw Pyan Street. Phone +95 81 209195. Mixed reviews on

November Hotel: 16 16 Yone Gyi Street. Phone +95 81 209 040. Not recommended by reviews on

Paradise Hotel: No. 40, Museum Road. Relatively basic chalet bungalows in blocks of four. Good reviews on

Princess Garden Hotel: Mine Li Quarter. Phone +95 81 209214. Bungalows in a nice garden. With swimming pool. Very good reviews on and by

Picture by Bernard Oh

Picture by Bernard Oh

Picture by Bernard Oh

Pyi Guest House: 35, Mingalar Quarter. Phone +95 81 209076. Bungalows in a garden. Very helpful owners and very good reviews on

Picture by hobgadlng
Room at Pyi Guest House

Queen Inn: From 35 USD. Right on the canal, where boats are leaving for Inle Lake. Their engines can be noisy. Decent simple rooms. See video by Anders Ansar. Good reviews on

Picture by marhas

Remember Inn Guest House: From 20 USD.

Shwe Hintha Guesthouse: Shwe Hintha means Golden Duck.

Picture by marhas

Teak Wood Guesthouse: Phone +95 81 209250. Mixed reviews on

Thahara Inle Heritage: Phone +95 9 4200 33688. The hotel, situated in Inpawkhon village (adjacent to Inthar Heritage House), has 6 bungalows. It is unclear, if it has opened.

Picture by marhas

ViewpointLodge & Fine Cuisines: From 95 USD. 20 cottage suites built in a traditional Shan way with limestone, mud and rice straw on pillars on the resorts pond. Excellent reviews on See Viewpoint Lodge on Facebook.

Picture by marhas

Picture by Viewpoint Lodge

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