Monday, September 1, 2014

What about my Mobile Phone in Myanmar?

Picture by abrinsky
At Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon

Now more and more international phone companies offer roaming services in Myanmar with local partners. Your chance is growing, that you get a net with your mobile phone, when you arrive at Yangon Airport ore somewhere else from abroad.

International roaming in Myanmar is available for example for customers of Aircel (India), AIS (Thailand), M1 and Singtel (Singapore), Orange (many countries), Swisscom (Switzerland), Telkomsel (Indoesia) and Viettel (Vietnam). You can check the availability of phone services for your country at Myanma Post and Telecommunications.

If your phone company has no roaming service, you can do this: With a unlocked Mobile Phone you can hurry to a shop and get a Sim Card for Myanmar. International calls will be possible, international SMS not. Pansodan Street and Merchant Street in Yangon are recommended for SIM card shopping because there are many mobile phone shops.

Micro SIM cards (for use in iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and other smart phones) are now available in Myanmar, but most phone shops can also cut normal SIM cards to fit into a Micro SIM slot.

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