Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bombs in Yangon and elsewhere:
Myanmar Police say Karen Businessmen were behind

The police have detained eight suspects following bomb blasts in several states and divisions of Myanmar over the past week. One bomb wounded an American tourist in a room of Trader Hotel in Yangon, reports The police authorities say the businessmen wanted to scare off foreign investors from their resource-rich Karen State.

The police say the homemade bombs found were the same type that the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) used in attacks against the government army over decades of civil war. The KNU signed a ceasefire with the government last year, and a senior general from the KNLA insisted that the rebel group should not be linked to the bombings.

Three people were killed and at least 10 people have been wounded by the bomb blasts. Bomb incidends happened in Sawbwargyigon High Bus Terminal in Yangon, in Namkhan Town in Shan State and in Pegu Division’s Taungoo Town, here in Chan Myae Guest House on October 11, in Shwe Pyae Sone Hotel in Sagaing and at Soon U Ponenyashin Pagoda, in the Sagaing Hills. An unexploded bomb has also been discovered in Mandalay at a bus stop in Pyilonechantha township and one was found at central Mandalay’s Bal Lay Burmese restaurant. Two teenagers were injured by an explosion caused by a device hidden on the underside of a truck in Yangons Thaketa township while one person was wounded when a bomb went off at the Sawbwagyikon bus stop in northern Yangons Insein Township. At Ahlone Township a small mine was found fixed under a table at Western Park 2, an expensive Chinese restaurant in western Rangoon.

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