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Chinatown in Yangon:
Temples and a Nightmarket full of flavours

See the locations on Yangon Chinatown Google Map

Walk up and down 17th to 24th streets and also Bo Ywe, Latha, Sint Oh Dan Streets and along Maha Bandoola Road: Here you find Yangons Chinatown - also called Tayote Tan -, some streets lined with old wooden shuttered houses and shop fronts. Discover Chinese medicine shops, gold and jewellery stores, restaurants and Chinese Temples. In the night Chinatown - especially 19th street with its restaurants - turns into a colourful nightmarket, full of food stalls with steaming dishes, snacks like fried insects, vegetables and fruits as mangoes, durians, mangosteens, pomelos, apples, tangerines, grapes, lichees, rambutan and banana banana. Historically the Hokkien Chinese lived along Strand Road while the Cantonese lived along Maha Bandoola Road. Read ab article about the old clans and todays life in Tayote Tan: Night an Day in Chinatown. See great pictures on Shutter Nomad and by Derick Chik.

Picture by onourownpath
Streetfood on 19th street

Picture by Tianyake
Sei Ta Lon Fruiterers, 722 Maha Bandoola Rd, between 17th and 18th street

Picture by Tianyake

Picture by Tianyake
Picture by Tianyake

Kheng Hock Keong Temple 庆福宫: Hokkien temple.

Picture by Mat Maessen

Picture by Wong Kee Wee

Picture by antwerpeneR

Picture by HeyltsWilliam

Guang Dong Kwan Yin Temple 观音古庙: Also: Guan Yin. Between Latha and 20th street. Cantonese temple, established about 170 years ago. It was rebuilt in 1868 after being destroyed in a fire. See picture on

Picture by Hintha

Picture by worak
Picture by Tianyake

Long Shan Tang 龙山堂: The clan temple of the Hokkien community on Anawratha Road. Read more on

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